Controlling systems and belt weighing machines for screening and crushing units

The controlling system is designed for operating of all aggregates mobile, semi-mobile and stationary units. It ensures starting of operational mechanism with respect to technological sequences, unit diagnostics and identification of failure states, it also control the maintenance intervals of the unit and generating set, fuel consumption. It can be also used for operating the belt weighing machine.

New style terminal

Old style terminal

New style terminal

The controlling system consists of industrial control computer, operating terminal and active buttons located on switchboard panel and control platforms of units.

The system ensures starting of the operating mechanism, control of electromechanical components in switchboard. In case of failure it passes on the report about occurred failure to operators. It also ensures stopping of the operational mechanism in technological sequence.

Control panel


Omron PLC

Siemens PLC

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Electronic belt weighing machines

It serves to running weighing of processed material and for registration of unit output with the aid of unit controlling system. The weighing stand of robust construction is integrated in the frame of belt conveyor of product. Data are displayed on controlling touch screen.


Remote data transmission

The electronic belt weighing machines made by RESTA s.r.o. can be extend of remote data transmission. Data from the controlling system of unit are sent in regular intervals to server with the aid of data network GPRS. User will be connected to the server via internet. Data are accessible from any computer on the basis of access name and password. So the user has view of recycling unit running, processed outputs and fuel consumption.