Recycling and aggregate processing, demolitions

Building waste and natural aggregate processing, demolitions

RESTA s.r.o. company offers building waste, natural aggregate, sand, gravel and aggregate from ballast processing as a service. Our firm is one of the founder members of ARSM, it is certificated by ISO 14001. We are able to crush and screen material or combine both processes. Recycling is provided with the aid of own manufactured mobile crushing and screening units. That is the reason why we are able to flexibly respond to any problems. We provide mobile crushing units with impact and jaw crushers, mobile screening units are two-deck screen, they produced as many as 4 fractions.

It possible to recycle the most building wastes from house-demolishing, road demolishing or other subjects. Recycled material - crushed material of several fractions - is used as a full-valued substitution of natural aggregate. Recycling brings saving of transport costs and storage costs of building waste, costs of natural aggregate purchase. It also aids to reduce burden on controlled storages and saves natural resources.

Except the recycling of building waste we process natural aggregate, sand and gravel. On the basis of licence of Czech railways, our company is empowered to recycle from ballast.

We lease out mobile crushing and screening units, all subsidiary mechanization, e.g. wheeled excavators with wrecking breakers, face wheeled loaders, etc. The transport of machinery and mechanization is ensured by our own towing vehicle with trailer.

Demolition are provided including manual work and final building waste processing. With regards to wide machine pool we are able to offer optimal technology for orders from 100 to several thousands tons all over Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and EU countries.