Receiving of building waste

Receiving of building waste

On a basis of regional authority result  the following building wastes are received to recycling plant:

Catalogue number      17 01 01  -  Concrete

Catalogue number      17 01 02  -  Bricks

Catalogue number      17 03 02  -  Bitumen mixtures unlisted under number 17 03 01

Catalogue number      17 05 01  -  Spoil and natural aggregate unlisted under number 17 05 03

During the receiving of the wastes, those are classified according to their kinds and categories as per Catalogue of wastes.

The main condition for the building and demolition wastes receiving in recycling plant is conclusion of a regular contract between order party (i.e. waste former or transporter) and recycling plant owner (i.e. RESTA s.r.o.). Before concluding this contract it´s not possible to receive waste. There is only one exception - a one-time receipt or receipt from small formers. In this case, the deposit fee is collected as an immediate cash payment. It is not possible to receive any waste before conclusion of this contract. There is only one exception - single - shot receipt or receipt from small formers. In this case the charge for storing is in cash.

Before conclusion of a contract the order party (former) is also obliged to specify amount of particular wastes and classify these wastes according to their kinds and categories. This specification is part of the a contract.

The waste supplier is obliged to submit the information and documents about waste quality (basic description of waste).